Stefani is an Independent Unsigned Performing Artist from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. 

In 2015-2016, Stefani teamed up with SGMGroupArtists for her first project.   This collaboration resulted in a string of well received Electro POP songs like Miss You Baby, Never let me go and Same Kiss. 

In 2015, Stefani teamed up with a classically trained vocal coach who helped her find her true voice and vocal range.   

Two years later, Stefani shifted direction in music and vocal styles.  Working with a new team on her upcoming project, she is looking forward to release some of her new and strongest material to date later on this year. 

Stay Tuned and thank you for following Stefani on her new and exciting journey.



Alex Fedra is a Classically (RCM) trained Pianist/Keyboardist with twelve years of piano playing experience.  Alex joined Stefani in their latest project, undertaking the lead in composing and arranging all the piano and keyboard accompaniments.